Friday, June 06, 2008

The Road To School Is Treacherous

The kids had school today, but they probably shouldn't have. There was construction on the main road to the school that prevented traffic from coming through, but to make matters worse the back way in had been ravaged by the storm on Wednesday and hadn't been cleaned up yet. There were barricades you had to drive around, fallen trees partially on the road, and my favorite was the downed wire that was across on of the lanes that you had to avoid (and I can't forget the other downed wire that would have been in the road had someone not tied a rope to it and connected the rope to a tree so the wire wouldn't come down directly on the road. I really wish I had taken my camera. It was terrible. Add to that the school had no phone service. I would have thought phone service would be a requirement in case one of the kids were to get hurt, but as one of the teachers explained they had cell phones that worked as long as they were near a window or went outside (yep, that totally allayed any concerns I had). Today was the last day of school for the non elementary kids, and there was suppose to be a picnic at lunchtime, but with the condition of the roads that got canceled (yet school wasn't, go figure).

Yesterday when I was talking about Ginger taking the kids to the fountain at Fairfax Corner I didn't realize she had taken pictures. These are some shots she took yesterday. We were back there again tonight, but only for dinner at Coastal Flats, not to play in the fountain.

Pretty sure that's Quinn in the middle of that.

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