Monday, June 02, 2008

When You Care Enough To Make It Yourself

It's teacher appreciation week at school, so the kids made cards for their teachers. If nothing else this is a way to justify all that money we've spent on stamping supplies. The kids were working on the cards when I got home. Catherine was very enthusiastic about it did a different card for each of her teachers and then decorated the insides also (below). On each of Catherine's cards she drew a picture of herself and the teacher. Despite the fact that the middle card looks like Catherine is holding a dead person's head it was actually suppose to be a word balloon with the words "Thank you" in it, but she ran out of room after "Tha".

Quinn on the other hand really only had one design that he did. He then wrote a personal message inside for each teacher. I have to admit it looks like he did an impressive job on the outside. He modeled it after a card that Ginger did over the weekend. Last Saturday Ginger attended one of those stamp camps and put together a bunch of high quality looking cards (see below). The one in the bottom left is the one Quinn modeled his design after. I personally think he choose the design for the diagonal pieces because they looks like roads.

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