Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"He Said There's A Storm Coming In."

"At 2:50 p.m., radar indicated a line of severe storms moving east at 58 mph."

This was an impressive storm. It literally came out of nowhere. I didn't have the lights on in my office and all of a sudden it was completely dark. I looked outside and could see some open skies to the east with some light coming through the clouds, and to the west there was this foreboding dark wall of black clouds.

Once the storm encompassed the building visibility dropped almost nothing (neighboring building were no longer visible). There was some significant lightning during this also and there was also a tornado watch (we didn't get a tornado where we were, but I heard later there was one east of DC). Unfortunately all this occurred right at the time Ginger was on her way to pick up Quinn from school. The storm knocked out power at the school for a bit also. Luckily Ginger got to the school fine and the storm was mostly over as quickly it began. I included the radar captures of the area below and you can see how fast the storm came in and moved through so you can get an idea of how powerful it was.

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