Thursday, May 22, 2008

Opera: The Little Mermaid

Today was the day Quinn's opera. Grammy and Nana were both planning on coming up, but fate conspired so that Ginger's Mom wasn't able to make it. At one point I thought I might be driving down to Richmond to get Grammy, but that didn't happen (but not before I took the day off in case it did). Luckily Nana was still able to make it up and even showed up well before the performance started.

The dress rehearsal was this morning and since I wasn't going to Richmond I was able to go. And I was absolutely amazed by what I saw. I shouldn't be surprised since he did pretty well during the Christmas concert, but this was the first performance that I've seen him do that he was really enthusiastic during.

The opera itself was the story of the Little Mermaid. The original version, not the Disney version. He had two on stage performances, one as a penguin (pictures up above) and one as a snake. The penguin act occurred when one of the mermaid sisters swam up to the surface and saw them.

In both performances he did really well. He knew all his song lines and seemed to have all the motions down also. I've got a video of the penguin performance further down below. Fair warning though, in going from quicktime to avi to youtube the resoltion on the resolution of the video seems to have taken a serious nosedive.

The snakes were telling the Little Mermaid not to go see the evil witch. Plot spoiler: she goes anyway.

This is the dress rehearsal penguin performance. It's under 2 minutes, so it's not that long. Quinn's the fourth penguin to show up on the stage.

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