Thursday, June 05, 2008

That Can't Be Good For You

Saw these for sale at the Viva Vienna event a couple weeks ago. I didn't have the nerve to buy one, but I couldn't help but wonder how it would taste. Has anyone tried them?

Because of yesterday's storms the power was still out at the school. So the kids were home today. On the news as I was going in to work they were talking about how a lot of people in the area were still without power and how it may end up being a couple days before they can restore power to everyone. I felt bad for the people that were our neighbors back when we lived back in Arlington, the power lines there were behind the house in the woods and we would lose power two to three times a year there due to falling trees, I suspect if anyone's without power, it's probably them. That's one nice thing about our current house, we've only lost power for an extended amount of time once that I can recall.

Since Ginger had to entertain the kids all day she ended up taking them by the kid's water fountain at Fairfax Corner before gymnastics. Everything was going good until one of the security guards forced Catherine to leave the fountain because he thought her eczema was a contagious rash or something (Ginger said the guard also made a couple of kids leave the fountain also). While I can understand somewhat where the guy was coming from, I do think he might have been taking his role too seriously since Ginger said that there had been a couple of guards that came by before this one and none of them had cared about the kids in the fountain at all. And while I suppose it's possible those other guards simply didn't take their jobs as seriously, I'm still going to end up siding with Ginger on this one that this guy was overstepping a bit.


wtfree3 said...

Deep-fried Oreos? No. Deep-fried Twinkies? Yes, I have tried them. And I'm still alive, with my original heart. It's been a while since I did that, but I'm pretty sure it was good. Almost worth getting another one.

Cheryl said...

Deep-fried Oreos are awesome!!! Tried them at the State Fair - I would get them again.

gaz said...

i believe deep fried mars bars are on teh menu in scotland. you can always start that mealwith a deep fried pizza!!