Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rehearsal Videos

Here's the videos from yesterday:

I put the second video first. Not because I hate Polka songs or because I like the butchered rendition of an old Lionel Richie song, but rather because this is the one where you can see her the best. This is the Jazz / tap dance number in case it's not immediately obvious.

This is the ballet number. She's in the second row and obscured a good portion of the time. Family will probably want to watch both, others I suspect will have no interest in either video. For entertainment purposes she does wipeout at about 1:18 in the ballet video.

For at least the second video (and I suspect the first) the look better if you go to the youtube page and click on "watch in high quality" link. The youtube links are here for the Jazz dance and here for the ballet one.

1 comment:

BullBunky said...

Yes, I vote for watching with the sound off :) If the Lionel Richie cover doesnt do it, then the clicking will send you screaming :) Still...its amazing to get a group of kids to do (mostly) the same moves at (generally) the same time.