Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday In Three Parts

Turns out that I'm still flying solo here at the house. Due to Pop Pop getting into an unfortunate fender bender on the way home (wasn't his fault) he got home late and that threw off all the scheduled plans for going to see the Indy time trails or maybe there was some race they didn't get to see. They eventually made it there, but they didn't get to see something that they wanted to see and Quinn was a bit disappointed. Never fear because they just decided to stay in Richmond and get tickets to the actual race the next day and go to that. The picture above is from Friday night.

Meanwhile Catherine had a play date with Maddie (and I always get the details on how they're related wrong, so I won't even try and describe other than they're some form of cousins). The play date consisted of at least Catherine attend Maddie's gym class. I don't know if it involved anything other than that or not though.

All this mean I was on my own again for the day and as such I felt I was able to go ahead and attended Clara's yearly pool party since I got an invite (turns out it was a family friendly event and so we could have gone even if the family had been here). This meant I briefly got to see her new baby Isabella when she was awake. She's sooo cute! The party was also heavily attended by folks that used to be former employees of my current company, so it was nice being able to catch up with some of those folks and see what kind of opportunities they were currently tackling.

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