Monday, June 09, 2008

Crappy Comedy

What is it with Hollywood rolling out these completely formulaic movies these days? Ginger rented the movie 27 Dresses and for some reason I decided to watch it also. About 20 minutes into it Ginger already thought it was a terrible movie and decided she didn't need to continue watching it until later. Since she obviously didn't like the movie I foolishly thought it was acceptable to talk about the plot, and yet when I made an offhand comment about what of was going to happen through the rest of the movie and how it was going to end up I ended up getting the dreaded look. Later we forced ourselves to finish watching it and lo and behold things went exactly as I predicted. This is a pretty thin attempt at a romantic comedy that's lacking in both the romance and the comedy departments. I mean I remember it wasn't all that long ago you at least had somewhat original movies. Now everything seems focus grouped into established patterns and story lines that just get reused over and over with different actors.

On the subject of movies, it looks like I'm wasting a Netflix DVD rental. Ginger and I both had Juno at the top of list of our Netflix queue. It was listed as "Long Wait" for both of us. I've had it on my list since the movie was in theaters, as has Ginger. So what are the odds today that Netflix decides to ship a copy to both of us. I'll go ahead and say this one is my fault, since I didn't move it from the top of my list when Ginger told me she had it on her list also. I had left it there thinking with both of us having it on the the list we would have a better chance of getting it. Not even once did it occur to me that we would both get it simultaneously. Seriously, what are the odds?


gaz said...

you need to watch juno - it's a very good movie.
i wouldn't even entertain the idea of watching a movie such as 27 dresses. i know i'm a movie snob, but i gave up watching this kind of insulting-to-your-intelligence nonsense long ago.

Barry said...

Saw 27 dresses on the plane for a trip to the west coast. It did accomplish the task of killing 2 hours!

CAPT_Sawyer said...

What is it with Hollywood rolling out these completely formulaic movies these days?

What is it with people who are fed up with Hollywood and yet will not donate even $5 to an independent, non-formulatic film?

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