Friday, June 20, 2008

Hula Hoopin'

When the Ginger and kids got home tonight they had new hula hoops. I guess playing the virtual ones on the Wii Fit made them want some of their own. It was an absolute riot watching them try and hula hoop. I got video of it, but I'll need some time to package it up (full disclosure, I got some video of me trying it and apparently I'm incapable of hula hooping). Suffice to say though, that even though they were both terrible initially, within about five minutes Catherine had mastered it while Quinn and I still couldn't figure out what we were suppose to be doing. I would say it must be a girl thing, but Ginger gave it a shot also and apparently has lost the touch she used to have when she was younger since she claims she used to be able to do it (I've been forbidden from putting video of that up).

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