Friday, June 13, 2008


Today apparently was haircut day as Quinn and I both got haircuts. Catherine got her bang trimmed, but has decided she doesn't want short hair for the summer (we'll see how long that lasts once it gets hotter outside). We all got our haircut by the same person, but I got mine done that night after the kids had gone to bed.

So I show up a little before 8:10 for my 8:15 appointment and I'm told it's going to be a couple of minutes. At 8:35 my stylist and what I can only assume is her current customer come up to the front, they part ways and my stylist takes me back and sits me in the chair. About this point the previous customer and another one of the stylists in the front are having a heated discussion, they then head towards the back of the store. While this is going on I hear the previous customer saying stuff like "This isn't what I wanted." and "How am I suppose to style this? I'm embarrassed to even leave the store in case I see someone I know." So basically what I got was she was really unhappy with the way her hair was done.

Now having seen the woman's hair, I know what her issue was, it was that she got a cut that's currently "in". In the middle back had a inverted V pattern to the hair and then the two long pieces went over the front shoulders leaving the middle back completely exposed. I know this is apparently an "in" look these days, but I personally don't like it that much, and apparently neither did this woman. Once they were in the back that didn't stop anyone from being able to her the conversation as the lady was being pretty vocal in her displeasure. At this point my stylist excuses herself and says she needs about five minutes and disappears into the back also (I assume to try and defend herself). But I never hear her say anything and I think she got told to leave the conversation because she eventually shows back up and proceeds to cut my hair. To say this was awkward would be an understatement. There was no small talk at all (the conversation in the back went on for another five minutes before they reached a decision that the customer would wait until another stylist was available to try and "fix" her problem).

So my stylist asks me how I want my hair done and I say I want it "Pretty short, like you did Quinn's earlier." She gives me an okay and starts cutting.

My guess is my stylist got a bit frazzled and from this point on was worried about making another mistake because when she got to the top she says "Where do you part your hair?"

I replied with "I want it short enough that I shouldn't have to worry about the part."

And she looks at me and says "Ok, so which side do you part it on?"

At this point I'm resigned to the fact that this is going to be a long night. I tell her where I normally part it when it's long, but reiterate that I want it short enough to not be concerned about where it gets parted. Part of the problem I had misremembered Quinn's haircut as not being as short as I thought it was. The other problem I had was since it's been so long since my last haircut that if I followed normal 4 week haircut interval I could see where she would think I don't want it that short. But it's been about nine weeks, and this is the same woman that cut my hair last time (nd that time I had said that time I wanted it really short and we had to cut it three times before I got the length I wanted). This time it only took two times, but it still wasn't as short as I wanted but since it was already closing in on 9:30 and I really didn't want to be there any longer. I finally just said it was good enough and left. In case anyone is curious the woman that was upset was still there getting her hair done when I left, so I don't know how that whole situation turned out.

In case anyone was curious how it turned out...


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Why do you keep going to this place?

JamesF said...

It was only the second time I've been there. And honestly I thought maybe the first time was bad because it was my first time there and it didn't seem fair to discount it without giving it another chance.