Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dance Dance Recital

Today was Catherine dance recital. Today was also the dress rehearsal. Which started at 9 AM which meant we had to be there a bit after 8:30. Strangely enough ever since the kids have been out of school they've been getting up earlier and earlier. I think the worst was a couple days ago when they were up at 5:30 AM. So I found it odd the one day we needed for them to get up Catherine ended up sleeping in until eight. Seeing Catherine all dolled up with lipstick and glitter makeup though was a bit of a shock. That's one of those things you just figure you have a lot more time before you have to think about and yet there she is.

The dress rehearsal performance was uneventful for the most part (Catherine didn't fall down and did most of her moves correctly). It was obvious that most kids didn't know the whole routine and were mimicking the moves of their instructor who was doing to the dance off the side of the stage. And when I say most kids I'm not trying to imply that Catherine had everything memorized, in fact I would say 80% of the time she was staring off to the side to get her cues from the instructor.

It was more difficult to get "interesting" shots of the tap dancing number since there's only so much a picture can convey regarding foot tapping.

For the actual recital which was later in the afternoon Catherine's fan club of Nana, Grammy and Pop Pop all came to see the show. I personally think Catherine did a bit better in the dress rehearsal that morning than the performance, but again she didn't fall down or anything (although it seemed touch and go there for a sec). After the performance we dropped off some stuff Ginger's parents brought us (some chairs and some very nice silver pieces that Ginger proceeded to drop) and then they all went out to eat at Coastal Flats while I stayed home and took a nice long nap. But before they went to dinner though I had people pose for some family photos.

This last one was obviously from the blooper stack.

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