Saturday, June 14, 2008

Play Date With Amanda

We had Ken and Amanda over today for an extended afternoon play date. We had thought about trying to get by the pool, but a lunch that wouldn't seem to end plus a storm rolling through later in the afternoon nixed that plan. I will say Quinn did fantastic today at eating some new stuff. He ate an entire huge piece of pineapple in order to get a new Wii game that I had bought for him months ago. At the time I told him if he ate a significant piece of some new fruit he could have the game. Up until now that had never been an incentive, I think in part because I never told him what the game was, just that I had new game that he could earn. Today we told him the name of the game was Spider-Man: Friend or Foe and suddenly earning the game became a real priority (I also told him the name of the other game we have that he can earn, which is the new Lego Indiana Jones game). The game meets my new criteria for games I buy for Quinn which is it has a co-op mode and allows us both to play. This way he never gets too frustrated if he can't get past something and it allows us to have something we do together.

While Quinn was hanging around finishing his pineapple and roping Ken, Ginger and myself into playing one of his NASCAR games Catherine and Amanda were off playing together.

Once Quinn had earned the Spider-Man game and we played a level, we switched over to Mario Kart so everyone could play. Unfortunately Amanda was having a bit of trouble keeping her car on the road and Ginger ended up having to play for her instead.


pepperlc said...

Happy Father's Day Ken and James.
- Karen

wc said...

looks like the family's doing well. good to see you a couple weeks ago.