Saturday, June 07, 2008

Too Many Birthday Parties

What a busy day. Quinn had a birthday party to attend this morning. Never really seen a birthday party that started at 9 am before. Thing is we didn't really know about it before yesterday. Quinn's invitation apparently got lost in the mail. He had been telling us that Aaron (the birthday boy) had been talking about the party for weeks, but we didn't know any specifics. We didn't even get confirmation on the time until this morning, so Quinn showed up a bit late. Catherine was also invited to attend. So that meant I had the morning free. I worked on trying to improve some of my Mario Kart scores for a bit then after I got frustrated with the game I did some work for an hour or so.

Turned out the birthday party was a reptile party where "The Snake Guy" comes in with a bunch of snakes, turtles and lizards and lets the kids see and touch them. Quinn has been to a party like this once before, but it was years ago back when we still lived in Arlington, so he may or may not remember it. Once Ginger and the kids got home we needed to get ready for Catherine to attend a birthday party in the afternoon. Ginger didn't take a camera to that one, but that party's entertainment was The Great Zucchini, which I'm pretty sure the kids have also seen before. This time though Quinn wasn't able to tag along, so he stayed home with me and we played some Wii and then went out for dinner at a local Burger King that has a three story play area. As for why Quinn got the play the Wii today, that's because yesterday he ate some fish from Coastal Flats. And today he ate a soy butter sandwich with jelly. It was a minuscule amount of jelly, and he didn't even know it was there until he was about a 1/4 of the way through the sandwich, but after that even he had to admit that he obviously couldn't really say he didn't like it since he had been eating it previously. Then to top things off he ate some small pieces of pineapple. All in all a good couple of days of getting Quinn to eat new foods. Catherine on the other hand has started getting picker about what she eats. Weird, it's almost like they're trying to switch roles.

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