Monday, June 30, 2008

Netflix Resolution

In a move that caught me completely by surprise, Netflix has decided to reverse it's decision to do away with profiles. Read all about it here at their blog. Two things about this really stand out. 1) I'm glad Netflix realized this feature is useful for families, and hopefully they'll start promoting it more in the future. And 2) Netflix has a blog? Really? Do I have to include them in my blog roll now? Seriously though, I had never heard of Netflix having a blog before this. And from the looks of the blog it certainly looks like they're just using blogspot. It's probably for the best, if they couldn't figure out how to improve their website and maintain profiles I wouldn't want them spending a lot of time maintaining their own blog software. Now everyone out there that had never heard of profiles before should go out and create one so we don't have to go through this scare again.

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