Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Took The One Less Traveled By

Ginger woke up with a migraine this morning. And yesterday at the Fall Festival Catherine's nose was running. So between those two things, we ended up not going to church this morning. I went and got the kids pancakes from McDonald's (only because Ginger was specifically requesting McDonald's for breakfast, otherwise I would have fixed pancakes at home myself). Once I got back, I served Ginger her breakfast in bed, and then covered all the windows with sheets so it would be extra dark in the bedroom.

After goofing around with the kids inside I decided we would go for another walk in the woods out back. The temperature today eventually got really nice. I wouldn't call it warm, but it was very pleasant and compared to yesterday it felt like summer (that's more of a commentary on how cold it was yesterday than how warm it was today). I just wish we could have had the weather we had today for the Festival yesterday. My thought was that by going on the walk it would get them out of the house and Ginger could rest in peace and quiet, but by that time her migraine medicine had kicked in a little bit and she was able to come downstairs. Nana was still visiting, so she joined us on the walk. Things got off to a rocky start pretty early. Catherine had jumped down to the creek to throw some rocks in the water, then on the way back up she fell and got her feet and pants leg wet. So we had to go change her clothes (luckily Ginger wasn't resting since she had locked all the doors and we had to get her to come let us in).

Once Catherine had changed (her pants went from pink to purple) we headed back out, it took us a while to locate Quinn and Nana. I think they must have wandered a bit in the other direction, because we certainly would have seen them since there's not much in the way of leaves or anything to hinder visibility.

The woods look a lot different. Almost all the leaves have fallen. In fact, I took a shot solely for comparison purposes. The shot immediately above is a shot I took a couple weeks ago when we went on a walk with Will when he was up. The shot below is that same location today. Not much left in the way of foliage.

We went further through the woods than we have before, but I had a plan. I knew the creek through the woods would eventually meet a bike path that goes through the area, so we followed the creek until we got to that. Then we walked along the bike path to one of the play grounds in the neighborhood. The kids insisted on going to the one along the path, even though I think that's the most boring one in the area.

Now it's time to come clean I suppose. I sort of cheated on some of these pictures. I used Picasa to touch up some of the shots. In some shots I either added a bit of saturation or I used the 'warmify' effect. I'm not going to apologize too much, because I really like the results on how some of them turned out (hence why I went a bit picture crazy today). I'm sure I'll share some of the other shots I took throughout the week.

An finally, here are the cards that Ginger made at her stamping party she went to last night. I like the Snowman one the best I think.


Anonymous said...

hi James
i'm looking at replacing my camera and just wondered what camera you use. is it a digital slr?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

The one with the trees and the shadows (near the bottom) is really cool.

JamesF said...

i'm looking at replacing my camera and just wondered what camera you use. is it a digital slr?

Now that's funny, because after seeing some of your pictures I had been wondering what you had been using. But yes, it is a digital SLR. It's a Nikon D70 (which is the cheaper version of the D100). The equivalent model out today would probably be the D80 (which is a low end version of the D200).

The one with the trees and the shadows (near the bottom) is really cool.

Thanks. That one turned out pretty good. More luck than anything. The shot is from our deck (I think you can see part of the railing in the bottom right part of the picture unfortunately), and that particular tree is one of the few left with leaves on it. And the sun just happened to be in a good spot also (proper lighting trumps everything). But that one and the shot of Catherine walking on the bike path are the ones I like the best in the set that's up.