Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Playing The Part Of Nosy Neighbor...

The house next to us finally sold. Quinn pointed out a couple a weeks ago that the "For Sale" part of the sign was gone and that this past week "the face" part was gone (this was the section of the sign that showed the real estate agent). Today a moving truck showed just before I took the kids to school. It was a big 18 wheeler. Ginger's Mom was all excited about this saying that she wanted to see what type of furniture they had. I thought she was just joking playing the part of the nosy neighbor until she sat in the window and watched (I heard the moving guys eventually saw her and did a little dancing jig for her). Nice to know we've potentially already made a bad first impression. Although it's not like we're that social anyway, we're not really close to any of the people living around us.

So when I got home tonight there were Christmas presents in the hallway. Lots of them. And there was a construction digger in a bag from Target also. I recognized it as the one Quinn wanted us to buy on Sunday when we went by Target and I had told him no. Evidently everyone had gone by Target today after picking up Quinn up from school and Quinn convinced Grammy and Pop Pop to buy it for him for Christmas. When I walked in the door and asked what all the stuff was, Quinn came running up and told me they were Christmas presents for him and Catherine, and that the digger was a secret and he's not suppose to know what it was (he says this as he bends down and starts playing with the controls while it's still in the box). And don't think Quinn was the only one scamming the grandparents, Catherine also convinced Grammy and Pop Pop to buy her a treehouse from a local toy store as a Christmas present. Apparently I need to convince Grammy and Pop Pop to buy me a new Nikon D200 with the 18-200mm VR lens. I mean, if all you have to do is tell them you really want it then why shouldn't I be allowed to get in on some of this action.

And finally, it's been a while since I posted any of my outdoor stuff. So here's some leaves that are collecting on my back porch that I really need to clean off at some point (I'll get to it right after I fix that cable wire in the basement).

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Anonymous said...

The house next to us finally sold.

Oh, well. Guess Cheryl and I will have to start looking at $1M two-bedroom condos in NYC again.