Sunday, November 12, 2006

Reading Progress

Weather wasn't anywhere near as nice as yesterday so we spent the day inside and only left the house this morning for church (and Ginger braved the crowds at the grocery store on her way home from the mandatory meeting for the church nursery workers she attended that was right after church).

Not much to report except Quinn read part of a book to me today. It was one of those "Dick and Jane" books. Since he's trying to read phonetically, he sometimes has trouble with a couple of the words (silent letters in words tend to cause the most problems at this point). And he tends to get frustrated with longer words because it takes him so long to sound stuff out. But still, he's making really good progress.

Didn't take any pictures today, but I have this one left over from the park yesterday.


Scott said...

That's a nice picture.

BullBunky said...


Anonymous said...

silent letters can be a hurdle at this point but really at his (and Ethan's) age just encouraging them with the words they can do does wonders for their confidence. they'll have plenty of time to learn 'those' words along the way.
it's just one of those things that one day just clicks and they go with it. but i have a question for you... why is phonetically spelt that way?