Saturday, November 18, 2006

Busy Busy Saturday

Busy busy day today. Catherine attended Amanda's birthday party. And while she did that, I took Quinn into Vienna to see the model trains since that was open again today.

The birthday party was a girls only event at a ballet studio. All the girls got to dress up as ballerinas and dance and then later they all dressed up as Cinderella and acted out the story. Given how much Catherine loves Disney princess stuff, this was a real treat for her. And the goody bag she got was great too. And to go off on a tangent for a second, while I understand the concept of a goody bag for kids attending a birthday party, I don't particularly agree with it. When did we become this culture that can't possibly explain to our kids that since it's not their birthday, they shouldn't get toys? Although I say this knowing that when we hosted Quinn's birthday party that his school mates attended we provided these goody bags also. There, that's out of my system, now to get back on topic (like there's really any rhyme of reason to my 'topics'). Since it was an all girl party Ginger took Catherine to it. She took a couple of pictures, but all she had was Quinn's camera, so none of them were salvageable. I'm hoping Ken was there and took pictures of the event and got some shots.

Meanwhile, Quinn and I went to see the model trains over in Vienna again (they have an open house once a month). Rob was flying solo watching his kids today and we saw him there briefly (he got there before us, so we didn't overlap that much). After Quinn finally had his fill of the model trains, he headed over to the caboose open house for a bit. The caboose didn't entertain him for long though since he remembered there was a small local toy store just down the street and he wanted to go there. I managed to get out of the toy store without buying him anything, although we did buy Catherine a little tea set. This morning Quinn had been running with a porcelain tea set of Catherine's and had dropped it and broken it. This really bothered me because he wasn't the least bit phased or upset by the fact that he had broken it even though you could tell that Catherine was really upset (it had been a gift to her from Grandmaw). Unfortunately the break was such that I really don't think I could have glued it together (and the set pieces before being broken were under an inch or so in size and the handle on one broke into three very tiny pieces). So while we were at this local toy store we found another porcelain tea set and bought that. And Quinn didn't cry or whine about the fact that we bought something for Catherine but didn't buy him anything. Don't get me wrong, he would still occasionally ask if we could buy something he wanted, but he never got upset when I said no. So I guess that's progress. I still would have felt a lot better this morning if Quinn had felt at least somewhat bad about what he had done.

After the model trains, the caboose and the toy store it was about three thirty and already the sun was going down (we were in a really low area and the hills outside town were already blocking the light). So we packed up and drove up the street to a park that was at a slightly higher elevation so that the sun was still out. It was getting cold though, so I let Quinn use my gloves while we were there (they were a little big for him).

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