Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

We interrupt continuing movie reviews for this special breaking report. It rained here today. A lot. Most of the east coast got hit by a big pressure system moving through that dumped tons of rain in a short amount of time. Ginger snapped some pictures of the creek behind our house during the downpour. This is what it looked like.

For comparison purposes, here's a picture of that same relative area that I took less than three weeks ago. It's not zoomed in as much. And I took it from ground level instead of out of a window from the house. And the angle is slightly different. But other than that it's the same picture. I've circled the place where rock is that's visible in the center of the picture Ginger took.

One of my first thoughts on seeing all this was that I had just spent a several weekends walking around back there picking up various pieces of trash. And now I'm betting that this is going wash a ton of new trash into the area.


Scott said...

As I said yesterday, the good Lord is just bringing more trash to you from upstream. How nice of Him to help you in your trash cleaning works.

You should be thankful!


Anonymous said...

It was really bad in NYC last night, but the sun was out in the morning yesterday and it is out again right now.