Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Morning Fog

It twas a bit foggy this morning. I don't know why, but I really like foggy days. They just make everything seem surreal or something. If you look closely in the pictures where you can see the ground, you can see where the creek flooded because there aren't any leaves on the ground in those spots.

If I didn't have to take the kids to school, I could have gotten some more pictures of the fog. As it was I only got some shots off the deck. And I didn't take both kids to school today, only Quinn. Catherine was running a mild fever so we kept her home today (okay, Ginger kept her since I was at work). As you can see though, she was feeling better tonight when I got home (although her forehead still felt a little hot to me tonight, so I don't think she's completely over whatever it was).

Tonight I tried taking some pictures that are a bit of a departure from my normal picture taking method. Just little experiments. One is the shadow of our ornament tree. The other, while it may look like it, is not just me using MS Paint to make colored dots, but it is the lights that we put up outside taken out of focus. I like the results of each, but the shadow picture seems to need something else. I might try that again at some point with a different light source and maybe moving the ornament tree somewhere else.

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