Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New TV

Woo hoo! We got a new TV. It's Mitsubishi 57 inch HD projection. They didn't actually have it in the store, so we don't have it yet. But it's suppose to be delivered Friday. And because we were there and they didn't have it, they're going to waive the delivery fee and deliver it for free. Double Woo! I'm really glad we waited on buying one from earlier in the year since the price for the HD televisions seems to have dropped significantly in the past six months. In other news, we need to find something to do with the Sony 60 inch projection television we currently have (for the record, it doesn't smell anymore that I can notice). I tried giving it away to my cousin, but he said it wouldn't fit in his apartment.

I only put in a half day at work. Didn't really feel motivated and almost no one was at work anyway. Instead of working, I went and got my car's emission inspection done since my tags expire at the end of this month and they say you need two weeks after you pay online to get your tags. It'll be close. I'm hoping if they don't show up the receipt that says I paid is sufficient to not get a ticket. On the positive side, since everyone was either traveling of going to the grocery store, there was no line at all for the emissions.

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