Monday, November 27, 2006

People Are Crazy

It seems I forgot to include a picture yesterday of the finished product once the Christmas decorations were up. And after looking at the picture I took earlier without using the remote, I apparently still don't have a non fuzzy picture, but I have the above. It'll do for now I suppose.

And for today's crazier story, this has been all across several news organizations that I've seen. A woman in Colorado has been served notice by her Home Owners Association that she'll be fined $25 a day for a Christmas wreath she has up in the shape of a peace symbol. Can't say I'm a big Home Owners Association fan, even though where we live we're in two of them (maybe that fact is the reason I don't like them). And my favorite thing in the article is the claim that some of the woman's neighbors believe the peace symbol is satanic. All this fuss because the president claims three or four people out of 200+ homes complained. That's under two percent. If you read the story, there has to be something else going on, because who would really get this worked up over a peace symbol wreath. The president of the association fired everyone on the architectural control committee because they wouldn't vote to fine the woman. The woman being fined used to be president of the association. I get the feeling there's some bad blood between these two that isn't being reported (at least I hope that's what it is, because if they're getting that worked up just over a wreath, someone really needs to look at their priorities).

So the other night we watched a movie from Ginger's Netflix queue. We saw the Lake House. All I can saw after watching it is, but he... And she... Wait... How did... Then who... Why... But... Brain... Hurts... Basically if you just turn your brain off and go with all the paradoxes, it's not a bad movie. As far as chick flicks go, I've seen much worse. The only real complaint I had was the dialog seemed to move at too quick of a pace considering the method of communication. But at the same time, had they done it realistically the movie would have been like eight hours, so I can understand why they took some shortcuts.

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