Monday, November 20, 2006

And Your Little Dog Too!

Thanksgiving week has begun. Ginger's parent's, grandmother and brother all arrived today (and they brought they dog too). Ginger put her Dad to work fixing stuff around the house that I should have fixed but haven't.

Meanwhile I picked up Quinn from school today so that we could surprise Ginger by getting her flowers. We had tried to do this Saturday, but the place we went to was closed. There's a place over on Colvin Mill Rd that I used to go to that had really nice flowers at a great deal. Last time I was there (which I admit, was a while ago) it was 2 dozen roses for $20. Sadly, they no longer do flower bundles (which I only found out after driving out there again, I really need to learn to use the phone). So I had to ask for the location of florist from a farmer's market that I stopped at to buy a stump (no, I'm not going to explain, maybe later). They pointed me to a Giant that was nearby. So much for trying get some quality flowers. Anyway, once we got home I had Quinn run inside and bring Catherine out to the car so the kids could take the flowers in and give them to Ginger.

And tonight was the first of the meals that will result in tons of leftovers. We had ham tonight which was very tasty. I suspect I'll be having it for lunch in the not too distant future.

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