Thursday, November 30, 2006

Parent's Night

Today Catherine stayed home again because she was still showing a slight fever last night. She seems better tonight, but she has managed to infect Ginger with whatever it was she had. So Ginger's feeling pretty miserable tonight. Then to top things off, Ginger went and laid down on the couch, so that's pretty much off limits to me now as it's totally infected. No way I'm going near that thing without spraying it down with Lysol first (I only say that because I know it's going to annoy her that I said it).

Tonight was parent's night at school. This is where you get to the school and the kids do the work they normally do, but the parent's are there so you can see what they're doing. With kids and parents, it's pretty crowded, even though they divide the class up into two separate one hour segments. Quinn seems to be working really hard on trying to read and improving his spelling skills. So kudos to him. He can kick butt at three letter words. He starts having a bit of trouble when you get to five or more letter words. I think he can do it, but because he can't do it within 5 seconds he gets frustrated and gives up. Catherine and Ginger stayed home since Ginger is definitely contagious and Catherine might be. Not sure what's going to happen tomorrow if Ginger's still not feeling well. I may end up having to come home, but unfortunately I have a ton of stuff at work that needs attention also. If push comes to shove though, work will just have to wait. Hopefully she'll be feeling a little bit better tomorrow, but since her Mom was sick for several days and Catherine was under the weather for several days, I can't say I'm too optimistic about tomorrow (maybe I'll get it too, then things will really be fun).

So I've noticed my router is getting hit pretty hard. Ports 1026 and 1027 are constantly under attack it seems. The router is handling it so far, but I must be getting hit at least four times within two seconds (one attack on each port each second) every minute. And they all seem to be from similar, but different IP addresses. IP Addresses which, I might add, I don't seem to be able to ping. After doing some research it seems those ports are used by Windows Messenger. So I don't know if someone's randomly targeting people with specific IP ranges (I would imagine walking through all of COX's IP addresses can't be that difficult) or if there's someone within my assigned zone on the network that's infected. Either way it starts really slowing things down between 9 and 10 from what I've seen (and possibly earlier, but I can't say for sure since I haven't been on during those times). It's either that or they've assigned too many people to our zone and we're bumping up against the limits during peak usage times.


-r said...

Hope everyone feels better!

Scott said...

You should talk to COX. I realize their customer service is staffed by Neanderthals, but they may need to be aware of it, and if it's coming from outside their network, maybe they can block it at their end of the network.