Saturday, November 25, 2006

Billy Buttons

Quinn attended a birthday party today. I was unaware of the etiquette and stuck around. Evidently once kids reach Quinn's age parents just drop them off and bail. So I was one of only three parents that actually hung out for the whole thing.

Back home the decorating of the house has continued today as Ginger put up the Department 56 Billy Buttons on the mantle. I love these guys and wish they still made them. KennyG owns a couple of these guys as well, and I've tried with no success in the past to buy the ones he has that we don't. Not much else to report today as Ginger and I took the time to catch up on all the TV we missed throughout the week with the family here. I think we only have two more shows to finish off (Studio 60 and CSI, and I have two more Colbert Reports from a couple weeks ago to knock off also) and then we'll be caught up.

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The Dogfather said...

To be fair, I think the only Billy Buttons I have is the one on the sled (which I can clearly see on your mantle), and I don't recall a cash offer on that one. ;-)