Thursday, November 02, 2006

Then And Now

So Ginger's driving me crazy. She's in charge of organizing the school's Fall Festival stuff this year. And nothing seems to be going as planned and everything changes multiple times an hour. I'll be glad when this weekend is over so the chaos of stuff around here can return to the normal blue level of chaos instead of this orange alert level of chaos we currently have in place. I keep telling Ginger to just mess everything up, then next year no one will ask her to be in charge (some of Bill Cosby's best advice).

And what's that? You thought I was done with pictures from when the kids visited Cox Farms? Not quite yet. I don't think I mentioned before that Autumn and Tyler were also there (in addition to their parents Rob and Gretchen).

So I went back, not way back, but a ways back to when we went to Coxs Farm two years ago. I found a video I had taken with my camera (which at that time was a Cannon Powershot G2) of the kids on a slide. So I compared then to now. And the difference two years makes in Catherine is phenomenal. I included some video of Catherine on the same slide this past trip as well. Unfortunately I didn't get her on video tape when she was doing her daredevil routine and coming down the slide face first. Oh, the first video looks kind of bad since I had to rotate it (why I turned the camera when shooting video is something I look back on and just have to wonder what I was thinking). I've also included a picture of Catherine on the same slide from this past trip where she's heading down on her stomach (and it was intentional).

One of things the kids like the most about this place is they have this stage with music playing in the background and pretend instruments the kids can play. They love this thing every time we come. Quinn even sang a song (not the one that was playing) at one point when he was on the microphone. Did I mention there are also accessory items for dressing up over at this stage (hence Catherine's 'hat').

And here we have what I thought were just a couple of 'fun' photos. The first photo is a picture of one of the props they have in the field you drive by on the hay ride. All the kids were pointing and saying look at the guy and the mushrooms. Me? I was looking at it and thinking "That's really inappropriate for a kids ride." The second photo is a shaky camera combined with a slow shutter speed. It's a picture of some of the lights inside the barn. Believe or not, this was intentional (I manually kept the flash from popping up). But even though it's intentional it's not what I was going for (I had wanted a make a complete circle with the lights). Anyway, it's not a spectacular shot, but I kind of like it.

Soon as Barry explicitly mentions that I had some fall pictures up, almost all of them have fallen off the main page and are now scattered throughout the October archive. Since I don't have any present on the main page, I figured I should weed through some more of the shots I have and post a couple. These I like because of the shadows. The colors present are just a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

And finally for no reason that makes any sense to me at the moment, I will hereby issue an official "Yay Sean!"


CAPT_Sawyer said...

I like her hair on the slide. A little static electricity, perhaps?

Scott said...

The new firewalls at work mean I can't watch your videos here anymore.


JamesF said...

I talked to IT, try it now.

And thank Matt when you see him.