Thursday, November 09, 2006


Quinn stayed home again today. He seemed to be doing somewhat better until tonight when he suddenly started displaying some other symptoms than just coughing (fever, another cookie tossing incident, plus some other stuff). Looks like we're in this for the long haul. On the positive side, at this point I don't think anyone else in the house has become infected (yet), although I've been making sure to take my daily vitamins hoping against hope that can stave off catching anything.

And I finally got to find out what happens on my camera when you go over 10,000 pictures taken. The format of the picture filenames are DSC_####.JPG. So you can see how that could potentially be a problem once you pass 10k. The bad news is it wraps and starts over at DSC_0001.JPG. The good news is that the directory all the pictures reside in is called 100NCD70, but now it's created a new directory called 101NCD70 and the new pictures are going in there. It's actually kind of pain that it's reusing the picture numbers, since it means I will have the same file name in multiple places on the computer, but they'll be completely different pictures taken years apart.

I got my Nikon D70 in December of 2004. The picture above is the very first one I took with it (you can even see the camera manual on the sofa in the background). So it's taken me slightly less than two years to take ten thousand pictures. I would have to say that this has been one of the better investments that I've made. I know it was a bit pricey, but I've really enjoyed it and I've obviously gotten some use out of it. Picture ten thousand was the one of Quinn lying on the couch yesterday not feeling so good (I know it was labeled as 0001, but it goes from 9999 to 0001 in the new directory, apparently it chooses not to use 0000 as a picture designation). If only I had taken a couple more pictures it could have been this one that Quinn took the other day.

Finally I think this will be the last picture from last weekend's walk through the woods. And I almost didn't post this one since it's just okay, but not really great or anything (not that I'm implying that the other ones I've posted are great, but I've at least been happy with them whereas this one is somewhat borderline in my mind).


BullBunky said...

Happy Anniversary. That is quite a milestone!!

TRS said...

I got my D70 in Nov 2005. I love it.
I'm not sure about the directory you're talking about. Are you refering to a giant memory card? Because everytime I clear the card it goes back to DSC 001.
For the title anyway. I've noticed if you look at properties it actually tells you which number shutter release in the history of the camera!

JamesF said...

I was referring to the directory on the memory card that contains the DSC_0001.JPG file. If you don't completely clear your card (which I've never done) it will constantly one up the picture number. So once you get to DSC_9999.jpg in that directory, the next photo you take will be in a new directory. If you don't navigate the memory card manually, you might never even notice this.