Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Clara's Gone And Sadness Abounds


Today was Clara's last day at work. She's reported to me for over five years now and I'm really going to miss her not being around. We gave her a little send off party at work this afternoon. You would think since she's worked for me for as long as she has that I would have gotten a card for people to sign or something, but I completely forgot. Anyway, there are some pics of the shindig over here. I can't look at them for too long, otherwise I might start tearing up again. *sniff* I also have trouble looking at them because I don't know what camera was being used for these shots, but it looks like it added twenty pounds to me (it has to be the camera, because the alternative is that I've just gained that much weight and that would just be even more depressing).

Switching gears completely, here's some more photos from our visit to Cox farms the other day (told you this would get milked for a while). I got the wagon photos from my Mom's camera. This was from before we actually went in and they were pulling each other around in the wagon. Cute stuff.

Then we have this. One of the activities at the farm was a rope swing, which Catherine did. I tried to coach her on making sure she held on really tight, because I wanted her to really swing out there. You can see the result for yourself in the video below.

It took forever and a day to upload this video to Google (multiple tries in fact). This video is also from my Mom's camera. I actually have video of the event that was filmed by Quinn (as I was taking the pictures). It's not that different and just offers a different angle though (and it utilizes that shaky cam mode of filming).


-s said...

My guess is that Clara woke up one day and said "oh my gosh, I'm surrounded by every engineering stereotype!!!" It certainly frightened me.

The red hair though -- if you did it those 20 pounds would come right back off.

Clara said...

don't'll get over it. next week, it'll be ..."Clara who?"
hehehehe.....thanks James!

The Dogfather said...

no card?
James... I mean... it's not "Go away Clara, and shut yer pie hole!" but... it's pretty close.

I think ~someone~ *cough*James*cough* should take Clara out to a nice lunch and/or dinner. (at which time he could present her with a card, and at the very least a token gift for her 5+ years of slaver...hard work.)

But that is of course... just my opinion. Your mileage may vary, not valid in all states, subject to certain fees, fines, and additional charges. See dealer for details.