Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Heeeeeere's Johnny

Our buddy John is in town and came over tonight to mooch some chicken strips and hang out for a bit. We talked movies, television, and various other stuff (although I think the real reason he came over was to watch Boston Legal in HD on our new TV). During the conversation he pointed out that I apparently love ripping movies a new one and that I, for the most part, hate movies. Ginger chimed in and said that I evidently hate "The Lake House" based on my comments about it yesterday, even though what I said was:
Basically if you just turn your brain off and go with all the paradoxes, it's not a bad movie.
And while I didn't go on and on about how good the movie is, getting me to say it's not a bad movie is pretty high praise (since I apparently hate all movies). Then when John asked what the last movie I gave five stars to it took me a second to realize that the last one I saw that I liked that much was Serenity. Imagine my surprise when he said he had never seen it nor had any real desire to see it. Blasphemy! It's only one of the best movies ever. Sure the movie works better if you know something about the characters from the TV show going in, but I think they did a pretty good job giving you a feel for the characters so it's accessible to people that never saw the TV show. I tried to enlighten his world and make him watch some of the opening, but I don't think he really got into it (and him and Ginger were basically ignoring it and not listening to the dialog by the time the bank heist scene started). Hmmm, I think I just thought of a Christmas gift for John. Shhh, don't tell him.

So I really like the new television, but the thing I don't like is that we don't have an HD recorder. So if I want to watch TV shows in HD I end up having to watch the show in real time as it plays. This is painful beyond words as I've become addicted to my TiVo and having ultimate control over what, when and how I watch TV. Going back to real time and having to sit through commercials is really annoying now that I know there's a better way. Guess this means we're going to be investing in an HD recorder soon.

And Ginger's been busy decorating the inside of the house with Christmas stuff. And what I've discovered is it's actually hard to take some decent pictures of decorations. The other possibility that's very likely is that I'm just not that good at photography, and while I can't say I like that theory, Occam's razor certainly implies that's probably the case.

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Anonymous said...

John, like most of my friends from college - including James, is pretty opinionated. Some people make up their minds about something and then refuse to open them back up.

"A mind like a steel trap, always closed."