Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fall Festival

So today was the day of the school's Fall Festival that Ginger has been organizing. To say that organizing this event has been a bit stressful on Ginger would be an understatement. This morning she was putting the finishing touches on the event by heading off to the school three hours before the event in order to help set up everything. I think she left around 7 AM, I don't really know, I was still sleeping and only half awake to hear her as she said goodbye.

The weather could have been a bit more cooperative. I mean just this past week when we went to Cox Farms the temperature was around 70, but today for most of the event I would be surprised if it got out of the low 40s. So it was pretty cold. Even so, there was a pretty decent turn out. And there was about an hour or so after lunch where the sun actually came out and made it seem warmer than it really was for a bit.

Luckily Nana was up so she helped me with the kids. This let us play man to man defense and have the kids separate and pursue whatever they wanted to do. There were a bunch of events at the Festival. The one thing Quinn liked the most had to be the low budget obstacle course (I have video, so maybe I'll get that up tomorrow). He must have done that like 15 times at least, if not more (near the end he was even helping run the event by being the flag guy at the end of the course). Catherine seemed to be more into the dinosaur egg hunt. The pony rides showed up a bit late (providing Ginger with one last crisis to work through). In addition to being late, I couldn't help but notice once they got set up at least one of the pony people was a bit distracted (the lady that was leading Catherine around was chatting away on her cell phone while leading the pony).

The event ended with a costume parade around the inside of the building. After everyone left Ginger volunteered me to help on clean up. The clean up only took about an hour, which actually wasn't anywhere near as long as we spent cleaning up after the event last year.

In case you're wondering who the other kids are, Amanda was there as were Autumn and Tyler (although Tyler didn't stick around for the whole thing since he was getting a bit cranky because it was so cold out).

And I got stuck with kid duty tonight since Ginger and Nana went to some stamping party (they finally got back around 1 AM). Maybe I can get some shots of the cards she made and put them up tomorrow (it's just too late to consider doing that tonight).

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