Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mini Movie Review II

Ok, Quinn's whole "I will eat nothing except chicken nuggets, yogurt, crackers and biscuits" started to really get on my nerves tonight. Ginger fixed chicken strips tonight. These things were delicious. And they were very much like breaded chicken strips, but baked and not fried. Quinn absolutely refused to eat any. Wouldn't even try it until he realized he wasn't going to get any dessert if he didn't. Then when he did try it, he threw up. And if he had eaten it and then thrown it up, I wouldn't have gotten as miffed as I did, but he started throwing up even before he ate any. He's got himself psychologically convinced that he hates all these foods that he's never even tried. For the longest time I've tried to not push it, because I know when I was young I did the same type of thing with some foods (mushrooms, beets and squash come to mind), but I also had a much much wider variety of foods that I would eat.

Working through my queue of movies I've recently seen, tonight's entry is Big Fish. It's semi typical Burton material in that it's whacky, charming and whimsical while at the same time being just a bit off for lack of a better word. The story is about a man who's relationship with his father has fallen in disarray. Then when he finds out is father is dying, he goes home to come to terms about his relationship with his father and try to find out the man his father really is. The story is the life of the father told through a series of flashbacks narrated by a younger version of the father (played by Ewan McGregor). It's amusing and extremely poignant. I ended up really liking it and the ending was a tearjerker for me in a way that I don't think any movie has gotten to me since I watched The Champ when I was a little kid.

And now for tonight's picture from this past weekend. I really think this could have been a great picture if the hill was going up instead of down and the bench was turned the other way (either that or the lighting had been on the other side maybe).


Scott said...

I can't believe that story about Quinn. Amazing, really, that he can make himself so distraught as to force a throw-up.

And, by the way, the bench picture is perfect. Very nice. I see it as one of those schmaltzy Inspiration posters with a caption like, "Lost Opportunities" or "Loneliness" or something like that.

Buddy said...

Burton has been growing on me to. I really like almost everything he does. I am reading book right now called Burton on Burton which has been very interesting to.

Anonymous said...

I hope after he threw up that he received no dessert.

Actions have consequences and all that.

JamesF said...

I hope after he threw up that he received no dessert.

I don't believe he got the dessert. I don't know for sure though, Ginger took over handling him at that point since I was a bit frustrated.

Anonymous said...

next to striking a match on a bar of soap, i believe that getting kids to try new food is one of the hardest things in the world.

picture's great m8.

-s said...

I think R mentioned it awhile back, but it may be worth mentioning it again, that Quinn's reaction may not be so much about the food itself but about how he's dealing with Catherine's food allergy issue. Alot of the stuff kids pull is about two things -- control and attention. Food, bedtime, etc., are just the means to getting the point across.

That said, I have no clue what the best way of dealing with it is.

The Dogfather said...

Does Q react differently to trying new foods when C is not around?