Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Kiss You!

We kept Quinn home from school. He's still coughing. Ginger called the doctor about it this morning and they basically said that sounds like something that's apparently making the rounds at the moment. They also said that he may develop cold symptoms over the next week. Lovely. To make matters worse we've had a couple of cookie tossing instances. Can't tell at this time whether that's from coughing so much or whether it's something else. Still, we're trying to have him rest, so we let him watch the new Cars DVD tonight as he laid on the sofa (the video was going to be a present, but so much for that).

What a crazy day as far as the political stuff goes. Here in VA I suspect we're going to be the talk of the nation for the next couple of weeks until the Senate race gets decided (although the AP has called the race in favor of Webb). At this point there are only about 7,000 votes separating Webb and Allen, well under the 1% that would allow for a state financed recount (although reports state that Allen won't ask for the recount unless the vote difference diminishes some). There's a huge Wiki article about the race that apparently had to be locked down to prevent unregistered people from vandalizing it. What amazes me is our state's race became this important, and still we only had 52% of registered voters turning out. What's worse, is that I've heard that 52% is actually better than average for a non presidential election year.

Then as if the Senate race wasn't enough, out of the blue Rumsfeld is gone as Secretary of Defense. While this all seems rather sudden and appears to be a response to election outcome, the Prez firmly states this has been planned for over a week now and that he intentionally misled reporters a week ago when he stated he would keep Rumsfeld until he left office. I don't know if that's true or not, but in the President's defense, it's not like he hasn't allegedly misled the public in the past, so it's not as if there might not be a precedence for it (I wonder if I can be any less committal in that sentence).

There have been a couple of items in the news recently where I've experienced deja vu. I saw an article on Yahoo a couple days ago that said a company was planning on using cell phones to track gridlock. And I thought to myself "Self: that's a pretty interesting idea." Then I thought I was experiencing deja vu or something, since I could swear I remember some company doing something similar about 10 year ago and no way did they get this much press about it.

There have been a couple of items in the news recently where I've experienced deja vu (just checking to see if you're actually reading). One reason is because Mahir is back! Just when you thought his 15 minutes of fame ended years ago, he's back! Seems he believes he's the inspiration for the recent fictional character in the Borat movie and he's decided he wants some of the payout.

And finally, yet another photo from last weekend's walk through the woods.

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