Friday, November 17, 2006

Boy Toy

Woo Hoo! Anyone that's been reading this blog over the long haul knows of the love I have for the Martian Manhunter. The old school version of him anyway, what they've done to him recently we'll just pretend never happened. Well it appears that he *may* be showing up on the CW's Smallville. Let's look at what we know so far from this past week's show. This past week a phantom zone escapee was on the loose killing people by ripping out their bones and then feasting on the bones themselves. Clark went off to stop the threat, but was way overpowered. As Clark was about to bite the big one, someone that was either invisible or very fast killed the escapee (the how part is still a bit of a mystery). Clark wanders over to see who saved him, and steps on what appears to be an Oreo cookie. He then sees a shadowy figure with glowing eyes that flies away. Clark later tells Chloe that this person could do things he could only dream of doing. Then for some ominous foreshadowing he steps on what appears to be another Oreo cookie, but this time in the barn at his house. I'm really hoping it's Manhunter. Although I'm also hoping it's not "Evil Manhunter" or "Extreme Vigilante Manhunter" (since he did kill the escapee, but since that guy had already killed over 200 people and couldn't be stopped by Clark, one could argue the use of lethal force may have been warranted). The only reason I thought it might not be J'onzz is the costume. Or I should say the lack thereof. From the silhouette we saw, it looked like a bald guy in a suit. So maybe I'm getting too far ahead of myself in thinking it's J'onzz (although why else would they show Oreo cookies? It's gotta be J'onzz).

In other news, Catherine has had a playmate after school for the past two days. The mom of one of her friends (Antoinette) at school is out of town and needed for Antoinette to be watched until three (when all their kids were picked up by the father, the other kids in the family are in the extended day program). So Catherine's friend came home with her for the past two days and played. I wish I could say Catherine was a model hostess, but from everything I heard she seemed to get upset anytime Ginger paid any attention to Antoinette and Catherine didn't do very well with sharing either. Guess we'll have to work on that. Next week should be interesting with everyone here.

With the holiday season approaching, the kids and Ginger have been discussing what to get me for Christmas (I keep telling them I don't want anything, but for some reason they seem to insist on buying something). At some point during the conversation Catherine decided that I needed a "boy toy" for Christmas. Now I know she said that because she knows some toys are targeted to girls and some are targeted to boys, but it's still funny to hear her say it.


Scott said...

Man, James, I don't know what kind of hits you're trying to attract with a title like "Boy Toy".

So, to appease those of you who googled here hoping for some gratuitous boy toys, here's a little Man Candy, courtesy of James.

And for those of you who thought James was just talking about toys for boys.

Barry said...

The picture James took of the guy on the dune buggy was the picture that came to my mind when I read the post.

Scott said...

Yeah, I'm really beginning to wonder about James... hey, but I'm cool with that!

BullBunky said...

I'm confused. Martians leave a trail of Oreo cookies? (I'll leave the whole Boy Toy line of comments alone.)

JamesF said...

I'm confused. Martians leave a trail of Oreo cookies?

Look like someone didn't read the Wiki entry. And I quote:

In the Justice League International series, J'onn is shown to be obsessed with Oreos, partially due to Captain Marvel's influence; the story of how he got over the addiction is told in his eponymous series (which, in a retcon, refers to them as "Chocos").