Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Sports

Church this morning was a departure from the normal. Today was the Christmas program. Think lots of singing by the choir decked out in tuxedos and formal fancy dresses with a splash of interpretative dance.

After lunch it was so nice outside that we thought about taking the kids for a walk around the neighborhood. We never made it out of the driveway, but we did have the kids play outside for a good while. Sports was a big theme initially. Catherine was playing some football, Quinn was playing 'tennis' using one of my old racquetball rackets. Even Ginger got in on some of the fun playing football. The one picture below of Quinn with the racquet was just after he had not only hit the ball into the neighbor's yard (which you can see Ginger going to get in the background), but had also bounced the ball off my car.

The front of our house is typically in the shade though, so we moved around to the back for a bit where Catherine decided to blow bubbles for a while (I don't know what it is about that little girl and bubbles). Once we were out back, I took the opportunity (with more than a little nudging from Ginger) to finish weeding the hill behind the house that I started weeding a little bit ago (ok, ok, it was back in June). I still didn't finish, but I got all the old brush that I had pulled up previously removed and I managed to pull up most of the rest, which I left there until I have a chance to move it. I joked with Ginger that I would try to get around to removing the newly pulled up brush in another six months. For some reason, that joke was funnier in my head when I was thinking it than it was when she heard it. I also took the time to walk along the creek and clean up some of the trash that had come downstream after the creek flooded a while back (or as Scott keeps pointing out, the Lord was just bringing the trash closer to me so I didn't have to go as far to get it). Eventually it started getting dark and a bit colder, so we had to end our outdoor festivities and move everything inside and later we cooked dinner out on the grill.

Finally I went ahead and bit the bullet and switched over the new blogger. So far, wish I hadn't (that's the short version, the rant that follows is the long version, which you can skip unless you care about such things). There appear to be numerous issues with the newer blogger servers. There appear to be occasional login issues. The comment system seems intermittent as last night I was unable to leave comments on blogs that were upgraded, the word verification text image was showing up as straight font text saying "Visual verification" (which wasn't accepted as input). And lastly it apparently hosed up my comments. Anyone that had upgraded to 2.0 before that left me comments has lost the authorship of the comment and now is listed as anonymous. Like I know that first comment here was from Curt, and the later ones were from Gaz, but after upgrading all I see are anonymous. Overall, I can't say I'm impressed. Based on that stellar performance so far, I haven't been brave enough to even think about changing the blog's template yet.


Scott said...

Gosh. Sorry to hear about your blogger troubles. I honestly didn't have any of those troubles. Maybe Sunday night is a very busy time for the servers?

Barry said...

I upgraded after our chat last night. The only comment that changed was yours from jamesf to anonymous on my last post.

JamesF said...

The only comment that changed was yours from jamesf to anonymous on my last post.

So it's not just me then. My next question would be did you have comments from anyone that was using Blogger 2.0 other than me? As far as I can tell it only applies to comments people made once they upgraded (so all my previous comments prior to upgrading should have been fine).