Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas The Day Before Christmas...

Right, like we had any intention of going out shopping or anything today. Nope, not us. We stayed at home cleaned the house. Apparently Ginger thought after my week of being the primary adult / caregiver in the house it needed a proper cleaning before company arrived today. For some reason that minor task took a lot of time. Almost as if there was like a week's worth of cleaning (and then some) to accomplish. Since we're having everyone up tomorrow and the kids are going to go into present overload, we let them open two of the ones from us today (I say from "us", but other than pay for them I played no part in getting any of the kid's gifts). After that it was time to make some Christmas cookies. And shortly after that Grammy, Pop Pop, Grandmaw and JJ arrived and it was time for dinner. Dinner was a tad rushed since we were running late and needed to finish so that we could make it to the six o'clock service at church.

Hypothetically if you had a battle between Superman and the Hulk, who would win? Besides the fans that is. I'm guessing it would depend on the incarnation of Superman being used. If was the Superman from the 50s and 60s that could juggle planets, I would say Superman wins hands down. But if it's the Superman of the 80s that had all his powers downgraded, Hulk has a chance. And if it's the Superman from "Superman Returns" who apparently can only fly around and catch things or lift things, but not hit anything, then Hulk has a really good chance. My guess is it also depends on the version of the Hulk. The "Hulk Smash" version only has raw primal strength. Although primal Hulk's powers are a bit odd since he always says that "Madder Hulk Get, Stronger Hulk Get". In addition to not being intelligent enough to refer to himself without using third person apparently he can go into a berserker rage and increase his own strength. But, as you can clearly see here this is the Intelligent Hulk. How do I know. He's got a belt buckle. No way is the "Hulk Smash" version coherent enough to use a belt buckle. That and pants aren't purple. Ever wonder about those purple pants? First off, those pants have to have some serious stretch in them not to just rip off upon transformation. But if they didn't stretch Hulk would have quickly become an adult only comic every time he changed. Second, how many purple pants does Bruce Banner own? I'm thinking he must have picked up a ton of them when they were on a clearance rack at a deep discount or something (although where he stores them all is anyone's guess).

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Scott said...

Maybe Hulk is just running over to give Superman a Christmas hug.

Merry Christmas