Monday, December 25, 2006


Hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas (or if you don't do the Christmas thing, Happy Monday). Today was a long day. Lots and lots of presents opened by the kids. And we had a ton of people here. This was the first year we had both Ginger's and my family here on the same day for Christmas (well, half of my family). I really enjoyed it and I'm hoping everyone else did also.

Catherine got a couple of big items. And by big, I mean large in size. One was a doll tree house and the other was a six foot giraffe (that she's named coconut). I got a some pretty phat loot myself. I scored the HD Tivo and the camera lens I wanted. I really hate to think how much both of those luxury items cost, they almost make me feel dirty using them. I'm guessing I'll get over it as I sit and watch HD television programming using the Tivo over the coming months.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Enjoy that camera lens. I was intercepted before contacting B&H, so I misled you when I told you I called and they had no lens. It had already been purchased before you asked me to check.


Barry said...

I think I saw that giraffe today a the natural history museum today. Reuben was eying it up in the gift shop.