Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No More Static Electricity (So Far)

Yesterday the heating guys were finally able to come back out and fix that fuse box on the heat pump that was running hot. We also had them install a humidifier in the furnace room in the basement. That bill total ran a bit higher than I would have liked, but everything went fairly smoothly all things considered. And I have no idea if it's related, but there seems to be less static electricity since they finished installing the humidifier.

In other news, tonight I ended up getting tapped (not that kind of tapped) to work more on the Christmas cards (evidently I was suppose to have done what I did tonight last night, so tonight's work was actually leftover work I never did). I got to be the glue guy. So if you get a card from us and it looks a bit odd, that would be my handiwork. I would include a picture of the cards, but Ginger has told me flat out that I'm not allowed to do that.

I've gotten a bit behind on posting my movie reviews of stuff I've watched. One of the ones I watched a while back was Over The Hedge. This is a CGI animated movie "From the makers of Shrek." I'll get it out of the way early, this movie is no Shrek. Lots of places in the movie are just slow and not that funny. But some of the bit parts are pretty darn funny. William "Tiberius" Shatner plays the part of a possum named Ozzie and has a couple good Shatner type lines. And Steven Carrel is good as the chipmunk (at least I think he's a chipmunk) Hammy that appears to always be on speed. While Shrek, and to a lesser extent Shrek 2, was a good movie all the way through Over The Hedge only has moments of funny spaced throughout the movie until the end. They apparently saved everything for the end. The last fifteen minutes are hysterical. It does feel like a long way to go to get to those fifteen minutes though.

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Scott said...

The "matrix" scene at the end with Hammy (last fifteen minutes) is indeed the best (and probably only worthwhile) part of the movie. Agree.