Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cheetahs Live In Africa

So a while back there was one night where I was taking Quinn to school for the parent's night event. As we were driving there I had NPR playing on the radio as I am wont to do. Had I been thinking, I probably wouldn't had it playing and been playing something from a CD. But as we're driving along Marketplace's Day to Day segment comes on with a story about AIDs in South Africa (you can read the actual story here). After hearing the story intro:
So many people are dying of HIV/AIDS in South Africa that funerals are a constant. Hundreds every weekend...

I quickly switched over to the CD, but it was too late. Next thing I know I hear what I really didn't want to hear coming from the backseat: "Daddy, that guy said people in Africa were getting dead from AIDs. What's AIDs?" Crap! Lots of stuff starts running through my head at this point, and I'm thinking to myself this really isn't a conversation I want to have while driving in a car, much less with him only being five. So I decide to go for the truth, but only as much as is needed. I tell him it's a disease that's very bad and can cause people to die. At this point I'm thinking I really hope he doesn't ask how you get it, because the last thing I want to do is start talking about needles, sex and blood transfusions. Luckily I somewhat dodged the bullet though, since he responded with "I don't think they got dead from AIDs. I think they got deaded from Cheetahs. Cheetahs live in Africa." I ever so briefly thought about setting him straight (and I considered correcting his verb usage), but then decided we would just go with his version.

Let's see, sickness update. Ginger got over whatever she had a couple days ago the next day, but today is feeling a little under the weather again with a different set of symptoms. Quinn may or may not have a mild fever, so we'll see if he goes to school tomorrow. Seems like we're just cycling through sicknesses here.

Another random photo from this past weekend. This is our backyard in the afternoon.

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Scott said...

We've had to negotiate that discussion once or twice ourselves... tricky stuff.

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