Saturday, December 02, 2006

To The Mall

Dang. Ginger's still sick. That means I had kid duty today again. And today wasn't as nice as yesterday, so going outside really wasn't an option. Eventually we started going stir crazy around the house, so I decided it would be good if we could go out for a bit. And without really thinking about it, I thought we could stop by the camera store at the mall and look for that new lens I want (which I might add, I waited too long to get and it appears as if no one has them anymore, unless you get one off Ebay where people are reselling them for several hundred dollars more than the retail price, but I might elaborate more on that at a later date). There just happened to be a couple of minor problems with my plan. 1) It involves going to an actual mall, on a weekend, in the month of December as the Holiday shopping was well underway. And the bigger problem, 2) Evidently there's no camera store at the mall. D'oh!

The mall was completely packed, but we got really lucky in finding a spot when we got there. It seemed like a shift switch occurred when we showed up where all the early shoppers were starting to head home, but all the late shoppers hadn't quite gotten there yet. The kids though just wanted to go by the realty store that has the model trains setup. Since we didn't have anything else planned we ended up hanging out at the model trains for longer than I would have liked, but at least it kept them entertained (the Percy train on the upper level of one of the exhibits was a huge hit).

Afterwards we went by McDonald's and got a drink and ice cream for the kids. My plan was to then go to another store or two and then I had wanted to take them out to eat so that the house would be quiet and Ginger could get some rest. That plan fell apart as soon as I gave the ice cream cone to Catherine and I realized I had left the house without the eppy pen. So then I got worried if she had a reaction to the ice cream cone I wouldn't be able to so anything, so we immediately scrapped all our other plans and headed home. I later went out and picked up take out for dinner and we simply called it a night.

Taking care of the kids is pretty draining. I told Ginger tonight that she had no idea how rough it has been taking care of the kids for two whole days all by myself. Now mind you, I said that jokingly, but I'm fairly certain if looks could kill I wouldn't be writing this. I should point out that it hasn't been totally all by myself. Ginger has helped some here and there when she's been up and about. Here's hoping she's better soon and I don't catch it.


-s said...

BH Photo. Better than the mall. You can even have Curt go look for you.

JamesF said...

If Curt wants to check the actual store, great. Otherwise, I had checked there already (I've actually been checking it on a daily basis). But Curt, if you want to make a phone call and see if they have it local, I would love to hear the results.

Practically no one has this lens that 1) is offering a US warranty and 2) isn't charging several hunderd dollars more than the suggested retail price.

This whole thing practice of buying up limited items for the sole purpose of reselling it really burns me up.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl was just in the store today picking up her birthday present. E-mail me the specs on the lens and I can call tomorrow.