Saturday, December 16, 2006

Holiday Party

We attended my company's holiday party tonight (Las Vegas casino themed). So Ginger and I got to leave the house and remember what it's like to go out with other adults and not have the munchkins in tow. We actually had a lot of fun just chatting with people and not having to worry about constantly being interrupted or hearing whining in the background. I took some pictures I was going to post, but the Blogger photo servers seem to be dead as a doornail at the moment and I don't see anything about it on their status page. I'll try and post some of the pictures tomorrow. I thought I got one of Scott in his skirt, I mean kilt, but he had his eyes closed in it (I may post it anyway).

Ok, wouldn't you know as soon as I post that it's not working, within 20 minutes it starts working.

Ginger and myself before we left

Scott in his kilt

Barry and Karen

My drink of choice for the evening, a Madras
(in case you're wondering, no, the bartender hadn't heard of it)

Robert and Gretchen
Look at all those chips!


Scott said...

Nice pictures... too bad I was sleeping when you took the picture. Obviously dreaming of haggis by the smile on my face.

Barry said...

nice picture of us. Thanks.