Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Work And Some Play

We met Barry and his crew at a local park today. And when I say we what I really mean is Ginger and the kids. I eventually made it, but since I was getting ready to head into work later I took longer than I anticipated getting ready so I wasn't there at the park as long as everyone else. I originally thought they were all nuts for wanting to go to a park outside with it being only in the mid 40s, but it felt warmer than that with the sun out.

After the park, I headed into work. Ginger took the kids and went by Target to get a birthday present for a party tomorrow that Quinn is attending. After Target they picked up lunch and brought it by my office and had lunch with me while I was working. This was a really good day for something like this since my company is still on break and no one is in, so I didn't feel like the kids were bothering anyone by being there. Plus last week I had promised Quinn he could go to work with me one day, so after lunch Ginger and Catherine headed home and Quinn and I stayed and worked. Quinn got into the whole work thing by writing up some designs on the white board, and then working at the computer (his computer would be the MacGuyver'ed up keyboard, mouse and box representing his computer screen below) to implement his designs. He briefly got distracted by the pooping reindeer that KennyG gave me a year or two ago, but after that it was back to work. When I asked why he was working so hard he told me he needed to work so that he could make some money and buy a house. I assume this is because whenever he asks why I have to go to work I tell him that someone has to earn the money to pay for our house.

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