Thursday, December 21, 2006

She's Alive! She's ALIVE!

I saw it! I had thought it was only an urban legend. A story people told to frighten visitors in our home. But lo and behold, it's true. She exists! I saw Ginger walking around, she was up and about twice today. For about an hour each time.

Quinn's looking a lot better now. Almost all his scabs are gone now. Ginger also appeared to be feeling a bit better. She said she no longer has a fever, but she still wasn't feeling great so we only saw her a couple of times and the rest of the day she was resting and recuperating. Who knows, I may even end up getting into work tomorrow, but based on how run down she appeared to be tonight, I doubt it.

Today was a long day. And by that I mean it felt really long. And it wasn't just because the kids got up at around 7:15 AM, but that really didn't help since I had been up till almost 3 watching "24" Season 5 Disc 2 in hopes of being able to return it and get disc 3 by Saturday (how much you want to bet after all that it doesn't get here). And it wasn't long just because the kids didn't get to bed until almost 9 PM and didn't nap any during the day, but that's certainly part of it. No, today was also cold and damp. And it had rained last night, so going outside today really wasn't an option. So today was a long day indoors.

The above is during one of the brief periods where Ginger was out and about and Quinn decided to take some photos of the family. And as the day dragged on (and on, and on), I taught the kids how to play the card game War to kill some time. I had forgotten how long a game that can end up being. It's like the Risk of card games, but without the strategy. I got knocked out second round, but Quinn and Catherine just kept playing for a really long time. Catherine didn't care about winning so much as she did about having the Queens. Losing an Ace or a King didn't upset her, but man did she get upset if Quinn took one of her Queens. I assume it's related to the whole princess fixation thing, but who knows.

And finally to end things, here's one of my favorite ornaments on the tree.


Barry said...

cool ornament. Almost worth getting a Hanukkah bush just for that ;-)

gaz. arrggg! said...

go spidey go!