Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feliz Navidad

This shouldn't be this hard. I've been looking for a vocal version of "Carol of the Bells", preferably one that's longer than one minute (which I was able to find embedded within a medley on one of my Time Life Treasury of Christmas Collections). I can't seem to find a longer vocal version anywhere on all my other Christmas CDs. Got a nice four minute instrumental version on "December" by George Winston, and I found a couple other instrumentals, but no vocal versions except for that really short one from the Time Life Collection. I may just have to bail on using that particular song and go with a different one.

So now that it's December, we can officially start listening to Christmas music. I'm one of those old softies that really likes this point in the year. I have a bunch of Holiday CDs I like a lot. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably be tired of hearing it come January, but for now, I can actually break out the aforementioned George Winston "December" album or Amy Grant's "Home For Christmas" and sit back and relax. The kids have also started getting into singing Christmas songs. Their favorite at the moment is Feliz Navidad. What's cute is to hear them try and 'sing' the "Prospero Año y Felicidad" part of the song. Don't get me wrong, I have no idea how to pronounce the lyrics for that part either, but it's obvious neither do they as they just start slurring some words together to go with the medley.


Scott said...

Ditto for us. We also have the Time Life Treasury... the only thing I ever bought off TV. My kids, especially Luke, love Feliz Navidad.

At this point, I probably have 12-13 Christmas albums, from pop, to old-time classics, to jazz, and we shuffle 'em all together and play them all season through the wireless MP3 player on our stereo. Since it's so many songs, they don't seem to get old before New Years.

(We did have to modify the playlist one year when South Park's "Holy Sh!t it's Christmas" popped up one time.)

Anonymous said...

we don't do pop in our house so if it's not ol blue eyes, dean martin or elvis it's the boys 'rockin around the christmas tree' cd's.
i'm also a sucker for loud guitars too so the trans-siberian orchestra is a big big hit at home and in the workplace.
and of course not forgetting darlene belting out some xmas tunes from hillsong. the voice of an angel.