Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stay At Home Dad

Ginger still feels (and looks actually) like death warmed over. So that meant another day of me staying home and watching the kids. Which means everyone is in their pajamas till noon (or later)! Ginger thinks she may have Strep Throat (she decided this late tonight after it was too late for us to do anything about it), so if she's still feeling bad tomorrow, the plan is to visit a Doc in a Box.

Quinn's rash is almost completely gone. The scabs from some of the rashes that got a bit more severe are still there, but overall I would say he's looking pretty good all things considered. And we haven't had any more problems with the medicine. Although tonight I forgot to give it to him before dinner and was worried about him possibly throwing up with a full stomach. I don't know if he was just teasing me or what, but there was a second there where he put his hand over his mouth after he took a big swig of the medicine and I really thought things were going to turn ugly for a second.

Based on a conversation between the kids at lunch, I'm starting to think that while they may not appear to listen to what we say, the kids do actually hear us.

Catherine burps several times very loudly (I have no idea where she learned this 'obnoxious' trait from, and if anyone asks me I'm pleading the 5th).

Quinn: Catherine, you're not even funny. That's not polite.

Catherine: Now Quinn, just calm down.

Quinn: Catherine, you're not a Mommy or a Daddy, you can't tell me what to do like that.

Why's this amusing? Ginger and I utter these exact lines (in response to the same things) during dinners.

Even though it was a bit chilly, I managed to take the kids outside to play for about an hour this afternoon. I feel pretty strongly that the kids tend to do better when they can go outside and play some. Not sure exactly why that it, but it just seems that way (it could be it just breaks up the monotony of inside play, but whatever the reason, I believe it has a positive effect). There was one incident though that happened while we were outside. Catherine was holding up a ring and wanted me to throw a nerf football through it. So I tried and ended up beaming her right in the side of the face. She was pretty upset, but eventually she calmed down. I don't think there's any bruising or permanent damage, so i lucked out. I ended up beaming Quinn in the side of the head not even five minutes later, but luckily he had his football helmet on so it didn't really bother him.

And finally, the visible consequence of Dad staying home and watching the kids? There nowhere near as much focus on cleaning up as there is with Mom. Actually, I'm dreading when Ginger does feel better, because she's going to get on all of our cases and make us clean house (she's basically said as much after looking at the family room).


Scott said...

Oh, man. Ginger is going to be mad.

-R said...

Really cute photo of the 3 of you! :)

JamesF said...

Really cute photo of the 3 of you! :)

You like that one? Quinn took that with his camera. He set it up in timer mode and everything. The only thing bad was he had the quality setting at the lowest one so that's as big as the picture gets.