Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I See Sick People

I give up. At this point I can no longer foresee a time in the future where everyone in this house will be well at the same time. Today Ginger's sick with flu like symptoms. I suspect she got it on Sunday when she had nursery duty at church. From what I've seen even though the church nursery rules state you aren't suppose to drop your child off if they're sick, a lot of people seem to ignore that rule. So because of that I got to stay home and watch the kids today while Ginger rested (she did seem better for like two hours just before noon, but then I think she did too much and relapsed hard after lunch). This is really putting crimp in my plans since I still have to come up with something to get Ginger for Christmas and I'm quickly running out of time.

On the one bit of positive news for the day, Quinn's rash is looking a bit better. The above picture was taken just after lunch, and I think it looked even better as the day went on (although maybe I'm just getting used to it and it looks as bad as it did before). I was pretty excited that I was able to get him to take his medicine this morning and this evening without a throw up incident. No more mixing it with stuff, I'm just giving it to him straight and then giving him some orange juice as a chaser in addition to some bread or cereal. So far, so good.

Since we were couped up inside of most of the day, we decided the kids could open some Christmas presents they had gotten from Ken, Karen and Amanda. Evidently they think Catherine doesn't have enough Barbie stuff yet since I think every present Catherine got was Barbie something or other. Don't get me wrong, Catherine loved all of it and insisted on taking it out and starting to play with it right then. Quinn liked his stuff too, and eventually I had to go outside with him for a bit so he could play some with his stuff. Wish it was been in the low 70s today like it was yesterday instead of the low 50s.


gaz. arrggg! said...

it does look better than yesterday.
looks like you *will* be able to have a house full after all!
opening pressies... that's cheating. you watch it'll be "i feel ill, can i open another pressie please?!"

thanx for the marks btw.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

...something to get Ginger for Christmas...

May I suggest the following?


JamesF said...

May I suggest the following?

I am soooo glad I watched that with the kids looking over my shoulder. Guess I'll have to wait for a bit to watch the rest of it.