Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sickness And Superheroes

Nana left this morning. Nana had been here since 7:45 AM Christmas morning. And for some reason Nana thought she (Nana) wasn't being mentioned enough on the blog (not enough Nana references), so I thought I would take an moment to try and rectify the lack of Nana related information. Did I mention one of the Christmas presents I got from Ginger's parents was a 'Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nan...Batman' ornament.

Now that I've taken care of that, let's get back to whatever passes for normal around these parts. A while back when I was chatting with Buddy, he had this to say:

Buddy: I hope everyone gets well soon...I missed the TV and movie posts instead of hearing about all the illnesses.

Way to jinx us Buddy. Everything was going good until a couple of days ago when Quinn started showing signs of a rash again, but this time on his chest and back. And instead of being the bigger blotches like last time, they were just a bunch of smaller dots this time. By yesterday they had already cleared up, but then his legs were showing signs of the rash. And by today even that's mostly gone. I'm wondering if it's my fault for not rinsing out the bathtub well enough from where I cleaned it before Christmas. Pretty sure I ended up using some bleach type cleaner. I was also pretty sure I did a thorough job rinsing it out, but now with this happening I've no longer as certain. We called the doctors and they once again dismissed it without even having him come in and just said it's probably some virus. Whatever it is it certainly doesn't seem to bother him at all since he doesn't appear to be scratching it or anything. Although strangely enough the day before the rash first appeared again we had another itchy foot incident during the night with him. Good news was this time it didn't keep him up or anything and he just called us in one time to complain about it before going back to sleep for the night. A couple days ago Ginger also got a sore throat which seems to have culminated yesterday with Ginger running a very mild temperature (under 100), but all that appears to be gone today (with only a lingering cough remaining). Maybe everyone will stay healthy now for a while (unless Buddy put the whammy jammy on us again).

Anyway, to fix the jonesing Buddy is having let's see what I can post TV / Movie related (which will invariably also be comic book related). There's this casting call notice that certainly looks like someone's trying to do a Green Lantern Corps series. From reading the casting call Hal Jordan isn't going to be the main character, but instead they're going to go with John Stewart as the main guy (possibly based on the fact that he was the Green Lantern in the recent Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoons that came out recently). That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned since I've never liked Hal Jordan as Green Lantern anyway. There was a teaser trailer for the Fantastic Four sequel released that I have to admit suddenly has me looking forward to the movie, if only for the Silver Surfer appearance. I seriously don't know how they did it, but they actually show the Surfer looking very much like I would expect, and it doesn't come across as being as cheesy as I would have expected. Finally, here's a pretty amusing seasonal greeting from some comic book related something or other. I found it to be pretty funny. Pretty sure this isn't a real comic or anything.

Today's fun image, Hershey's Kissables, their answer to M&M's.


-s said...

It sounds like Quinn gets hives -- the quick appearance and disappearance sounds familiar. Do you know the easy hives test? Push down the rash and if it turns whitish (or basically the regular skin color) it's hives -- our doctor calls it "blanching."

Another way to check is to see if there are bees :)

Anonymous said...

Let me (Nana) start by saying I had a wonderful Christmas. It was great to have so much family (including mine) in the same place at the same time. That really hasn't happened for years and years. Thanks so much to Ginger for all her hard work, especially with having been so sick prior to our arrival. It seems the popular phrase for the day was "that's just what I always wanted":-)
My statement about the blog was "I'm glad I was in the picture for Thanksgiving, or no one would have known I was there" - since James usually has a habit of posting when we arrive and when we leave, and the blog to me is more like a diary for the children to have to look back on when they're grown.
Thanks again for everything.

JamesF said...

Actually since you're getting older I can understand why you don't remember things correctly (j/k), but the phrase that got used over and over was actually "This is the best Christmas ever!"

Buddy Tignor said...

been careful with my magic...

I'll promise not throw caution to the wind and wave my whammy jammy around in the near future :-)

BTW will the noodle be making a New Year's Eve appearance???