Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kid's Christmas Party

The company I work for put together a Christmas party for the kids today. The 'potato sack' race was a big hit with both kids initially. That initial thrill soon wore off though and Quinn ended up in the Cake Walk game every chance he got. Something about mindlessly doing the same thing over and over again apparently appeals to him (at least he's prepared for when he gets a real job later on in life). Catherine on the other hand just liked playing with one of the game prizes which were bubbles. And in case you're wondering why there's no picture of Catherine alone with Santa, that's because she spent a lot of time not wanting to go sit on the old Santa's lap. For being such a little daredevil about some other things, she was acting awful timid here. And the only way she would go was if Quinn was there, and then I wasn't able to get a decent picture of her. It was pretty frustrating.

For the day's bad news, a couple hours after we got home Ginger started feeling bad and running a fever again. And this was after she was just saying she felt better this morning than she had in about a week. I think she must be allergic to the weekends.

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Scott said...

Lots of kids are freaked out by Santa... I just don't get it.