Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Cards

Ginger is really into this stamping stuff stuff. This year she bought all this stuff to make our own Christmas cards. We're still working on them. I even got called in to help with cutting tonight. Although based on Ginger's comments I cut too much off of some circles. These stamps and accessories are not what you would call cheap. And she's spent a lot of her time on this project (in addition to working on a scrapbook project also). So she must really like doing this, otherwise I don't see the point. But then again, you're talking to someone who spends their free time playing video games which have nothing tangible to represent the time you've invested in them. At least with Ginger's stuff she'll have the actual cards she can look back on in years to come, whereas who's going to care that I played some video game years from now (unless I go postal or something, then I suspect people will care because they'll be able to look back and say it was because I played video games).

And here's a random picture from Sunday that I took while we were playing outside.

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