Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Storm's Coming

There's a storm coming. You can tell, because earlier today the grocery store was an absolute madhouse of people buying those essentials. I mean, that's why I was there. I think I picked the absolute slowest checkout line too. It didn't seem bad when I first got into it. But then the people at the front contested a price. And then once that was dealt with and they were gone the next couple decided use a ton of coupons. Now don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge anyone trying to save a buck, I mean, this is me. But do you have to use all those coupons on the day before a big storm where the everyone is trying to buy stuff? I'm more than likely overreacting to the situation, but only because then they started contesting the amount or why some of the coupons weren't scanning. Which then required a manager's intervention. Then to really pour some salt in the wound they paid by check, and it felt just like those Visa commercials, where everything that as already moving slow now just came to a complete stop. Right as I got to the front they also switched cashiers. And the one the put in was top notch and was moving at about three times the speed of the previous guy. I'm thinking the previous guy might have been a trainee or something.

Anyway, unlike previous predictions of snow they're pretty sure this is going to be a big one. In fact they've already canceled schools. That allowed me to be able to stay up and work until close to 3 AM without worrying about having to get up to take the kids to school the next morning. And that was good, because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to try and make it in to work tomorrow and this let me get some work done so I can spend time tomorrow at home in the snow with the kids. I took the above picture just after I stopped working at 3 AM trying to get some feel of the snow coming down, but it was just too dark, even with attempting to bracket the shots.

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