Friday, March 13, 2009

School's Dad Breakfast Day

Snow? Really? As I was taking the kids to school we were getting snow flurries. This has been some really weird weather we're having lately.

Today was the Father's Day breakfast. Where all the Dads come in have breakfast at the school with the kids and get to watch them do some work. I had Quinn take this picture of me and Catherine. Too bad the camera decided to focus on that flower instead of us.

So I had him give it another try, and this time I moved the flower arrangement. But I think when he tilted the camera down at one point it ended up zooming in significantly compared to the previous shot.

I foolishly trusted one of Quinn's schoolmates (Franco) with my camera for this shot. I could tell when he was taking the picture the lens was a bit heavy and weighing down the camera.

Overall it ended up being a nice morning breakfast with the kids. Quinn ate a couple doughnuts and was immediately off to play (I mean "work"). Catherine on the other hand decided not to eat the food we brought in (Krispy Kreme doughnuts we knew were nut free) and instead ate lots of the pumpkin muffins that she had helped the school make the day before.

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